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Frequently Asked Questions

You can start your growth journey with us today by selecting a comfortable investment package and committing to it.


What is Avatar-Fx?

Avatar-Fx is a global alternative investments firm specializing in a multi-strategy super-algorithm based investment techniques to maximize interests in your Cryptocurrency assets, custom separate account portfolios and Hedgefund advisory solutions to address the needs of a wide range of market participants ranging from individual accredited investors to large institutions


How do I sign up for Avatar-Fx's services?

Simply click on the "Create Account" button on the home page to register, once you've verified your Email and your registeration is complete, you'll be redirected to your dashboard and then you can proceed to investing.


What payment methods are acceptable

We accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, Binance coin (BNB) only.


How do I make deposits?

After registration, in your dashboard you will click on either “Regular Plans or Compounding plans” button depending on which one you wish to invest your capital into and choose your preferred payment method and the amount you wish to invest then click “proceed to payment”. Then if your preferred coin is bitcoin, you’ll see the next page that says “proceed with bitcoin” . You'd then see the company wallet address that you'd transfer the coins to. Copy it and go to your crypto wallet or wherever you coins are stored, paste wallet address and send the amount you wish to invest. Then after the transaction on your crypto wallet is completed, come back to the page you were in Avatar Fx and click “Submit”. Wait for your account to be verified,it normally takes 1-3 hours but if it exceeds that range of time please contact the livechat/Support to assist in resolving it.


Can I make an additional deposit?

Yes additional deposits are able to be done by simply going through the same process of investing which we explained above.


How do I make withdrawal?.

Simply login to your Avatar-Fx dashboard and click on “Request withdrawal” then type in the amount you wish to withdraw based on what you have on your available Balance. You can withdraw your referral or bonus balance into your Available balance before withdrawing it to your wallet address. Please note that incessant withdrawals reduces the level of insurance we can provide to your investments. Why ? The reason is because withdrawing every week does not give us the opportunity to do a spare trade on your account so as to make extra profit which will be saved for you in cases of rainy days. Emptying your profits on weekly basis therefore leaves us with just your capital investment to play with and if ever anything goes wrong ( though we do not pray for that) you’ll not have any savings nor funds insured in your name. Always try to maintain your insurance level to be at least above 70%.


How soon is my withdrawal processed?.

It takes a maximum of 24 hours to process withdrawals based on first come first serve so where you are on the queue determines how fast your withdrawal will be processed. If it exceeds 24 hours without receiving your withdrawn funds please contact Livechat/Support to know why.


How do I get my insured funds from the company if anything happens ?.

We have created a Blockchain wallet for which Insured Funds are recorded and safely kept with at least 1 Regional Leader holding almost half of the password for each. Avatar-Fxdo not in any way have access to the Blockchain account Therefore in cases of any form of Bankruptcy, the team regional leaders (that happen to also be members of the platform) will bring forth their passwords and open the Blockchain wallet and distribute the funds accordingly. The blockchain wallet is a form of smart contract for which you can only withdraw your own funds from the same wallet you made your deposits. So keep track of all the wallets you have used to send funds to us..


How do I apply for a Loan?

This can be seen by logging into your account, click on “Loans” and you’ll see the steps to take .


Can I create an account for my someone below 18 years ?

Yes, it is an investment and you can plan for the future of your children by creating an investment for them. This could be a good decision for them.


Are there charges attached to my profits ?

No, there are no charges attached to them except for Loaned investments which are well explained on the investor dashboard.


Are the Returns on Investments fixed ?

No, Returns on investments are not fixed meaning that they can vary depending on the nature of the market at any given period. During the bullish market you may see the ROI raised significantly based on the level of profits we make, and vice versa applies when the market is bearish. This is to ensure that maximum risk management is followed to avoid any losses in investors’ funds due to greed. However, no matter how bad the market may be, every investor is entitled to a daily Profit no matter how little it is.


How do I apply to be a Regional Representative ?

You’ll be directed on how to become one when you contact the Live support.


How do I earn from the Binary Tree ?

Simply arrange your downlines on both the left and right legs before the end of the week to qualify for the Binary tree bonus. You’ll see the “add user” option on your dashboard section of binary tree.


When can I place withdrawal ?

Withdrawals are once every Friday of the week..


My question/s weren't answered here?.

Contact us by Email through the ''Contact'' link at the bottom of the homeage or chat us through our 24/7 chatbox).

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